WWDC 2013 - whats expected

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is an annual conference held by the company in California showcases their new software and technology for developers and also offer feedback sessions. This year, the conference will take place in San Francisco’s Moscone Center from 10 June. The conference is expected to showcase some of its best technological achievements and new gadgets this year. Expectations are high among loyal Apple users from this year’s conference.  During the 2012 conference, Apple announced its own mapping service along with improved virtual assistant Siri. Thinner Macbooks with high resolution screens were also introduced. Here are the list of expected announcements and also rumors related to some announcements.


  • iOS 7 –

Although the new iOS 7 was expected to be unveiled on the conference this year, rumors has it that only a sneak peek will be given to the users as the actual release date has been delayed due to design changes. The latest system will get rid of many of its textures for a simple and flatter user interface. The interface is going to be plain black and white and flat, and will be lifeless compared to previous versions. It will not have the 3D feature in its display and will also get rid of skeuomorphic design which made which is used to make one object is made to resemble another, for example, the digital notepad app on your phone looking like a notepad.

 In the new iOS7, the apps will look flat for example, the notepad will simply look like a yellow paper with lines and the mail app will be simple a picture of envelope without life and gloss. The new iOS7 will take an approach similar to android mobile operating system providing more information and actionable notifications. 

iOS7 is also rumored to borrow a trick from android featuring a panorama style wallpaper which is scrollable and continues across home screen rather than being a static image as in previous versions. . A new feature in the iOS7 will allow the users to share photos and videos on photo sharing network Flickr and Vimeo a video sharing platform from the iPhone camera roll. Improvements on Siri and maps will also be visible in the new ios7.


  • OS X 10.9 – The operating system for Macs I getting updated and the new version is on the unveiling list this year on the conference. The new version will get rid of the old problem of multiple floating windows on desktop and is now equipped with a tab feature. According to various reports, Apple is about to integrate its own homegrown mapping system on the OS X 10.9. Another feature to be added to the new version is the virtual assistant Siri. Apple is also focusing on apps that will work in full screen and the old multi tasking feature is also getting a makeover. The multi tasking feature is about to get some improvements which will give the user more battery life and processing power. The new OS X 10.9 is creating a buzz among Mac users but remains to see if the new improvements will be well received or not.


The conference is also set to unveil updated and improved MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. It is said that a pixel dense retina display which is the main selling feature on MacBook Pro will be added to new MacBook Air also. On the MacBook Pro without the retina display feature improvements of slimming it down is expected and the face time camera support is also getting a massive improvement. Improvements can also be expected on the accessories side on the Macs, updated versions of AirPort Extreme, Time capsule and Airport Express expected in this year’s conference. 


  • iRadio –  This year, the talk of the launch of the new internet radio service and music streaming service called iRadio is highly anticipated. Apple has recently made deals with Universal Music and Warner Music Group to stream music to the users without ads on iOS supported devices.

The company is said to have been in talks with Sony Music for to provide music streaming for the new service.  iRadio is expected to be an extension of iTunes to stream music according to the users preferences.

  • iCloud – iCloud after its launch two years ago is also expected to get a makeover. The issue of storage in iCloud can be seen more improved if the reports are true. The main issue of iCloud is storage which on paid versions is very low as compared other services like Dropbox or Google plans. New features although not revealed as yet are also expected in iCloud. Apple is also expected to address concerns among developers regarding the iCloud data syncing with rewritten and new improved API’s.


Now, all that remains is to see if the conference will be as expected by the consumers, and if the new and expected unveilings will be welcomed by open arms or with much difference.