The upcoming ios 7 rumors

The iOS7 is Apple’s new operating system, which is designed for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices. This is expected to be launched in September with a new Apple product which may be an iPhone, iPad or an iPod touch. However, the main attraction is all about the iOS7, but the final decision may indeed take place in WWDC 2013, which is the annual developer conference of the Apple Company. This will take place in San Francisco on 10th June.

There are many rumors and predictions for iOS7 and iPhone 5S. There are many chances that iOS7 will be released with iPhone 5S, because it is assumed that iPhone  5S is being released in September as well.


Rumors are that this new version of iOS7 is not working on old models of apple product. Just like when Apple iOS6 was launched. It was not attainable for very first iPhone, iPad and iPod. Thus, this operating system may be not available for previous Apple products as their hardware is not just powerful enough to bear that load of iOS7. 

This version of the iPhone was previously tested, and modifications and changes were already made. However, the final decision is not taken yet regarding the release date. Thus, this version is still not available for the common youth. There is a testing phase, which is going to the San Francisco and Apples home town Cupertino. Where some people have already installed the iOS7, and the company is waiting for their feedback on this. Thus we can say,  iOS7 is in its last testing phase, and it will be launched shortly.

There are many features added in this iOS. It is far better than the last version. New features suppose to be Apple Air Drop Support is added in this version where you can share files by creating an Ad-hoc Connection between two devices. This feature is already available in OS X Mountain Lion. Apart from this, iRadio and many more features are added in this iOS7. There is some modification done in the cloud.

First of all, iOs7 was supposed to be released in May last, but in late May, there occurred a rumor that Apple was going to redesign its structure. The first change is in appearance, which is looking like fake texture and effects. Thus, Apple has decided to make changes to its appearance and other things, which is necessary and required by the prospective customers.

it is expected that  the iOS7 will  be launched in September, but the date is not confirmed. As the WWDC 2013 is coming, rumors regarding this are spreading quickly. All we can do is just wait for the WWDC 2013. Where the decision can be taken on the launching of iOS. 

The iOS7 release date is coming up quickly. Apple has launched an official banner regarding WWDC 2013, where a thinner iOS7 logo is showing, which is a great hint regarding iO7 launching. This logo is made by the Cupertino company for their developer’s conference.