top iPhone 5 docking station with speakers

Bob Marley once said, ‘One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain’. When the power of music such respected and adored, many systems were brought to life. From mini to micro and from normal to huge, there are many music systems worshipping the music. But if you are not the one to worship music from either small earphone speakers or mammoth speakers, then docking station with speakers can be just best choice. Here we have presented some of the best docking station with speakers just for you. 

iHome iP3 Studio Series Audio System

iHome iP3 Studio Series Audio System
Available in just $69.98, the iHome iP3 Studio Series Audio System for iPhone/iPod is the docking speaking system boasting superb audio quality that presents itself with polished and well-cultured outlook. Featuring Bongiovi Digital Power Station Technology, this iP3 stereo speaker system has the power of 50 watts is best-classified coaxial neodymium speakers that produces awesome sound. IT beautiful transparent curve gives up better modishness. 
Powered by Bongiovi Digital Power Station Technology, it has real time digital signal processor that has the capacity to scan the audio constantly. If other systems have the chances of details loosing easily because of the compression that is popular these days, this system has the competence to restore all the details.  
It produces powerful output because of its special design of 50-watt amplifier that pushes two 3.5” coaxial neodymium speakers. It has two functionalities while you play your music from your iPhone or iPod. One, it produces superb sound enough to satisfy the volume and bass levels and second, you will be able to charge and select your playlist on your gadget while it is docked and with this, you can enjoy hours-long music voyage. Additionally, it also has the functionality of adjusting the bass and treble levels and customization is just simple with this. 
Playing and watching anything from your device is just possible with this gadget because it has audio-visual output jack. In addition, through the iP3, you can play any source as it has audio line-in. Weighing 1.5 pounds, this piece with its dimension of 17.75 inch of length, 8 inch of width and 9.75 inch of height displays great visualization with pristine clarity and quality. 
You can easily dock your iPhone or iPod easily with this without inserts and because of this availability, it has been taken as a suitable system while traveling. Plus, it has universal voltage adaptor and switching 100V to 240V can be done effortlessly and speedily. 
It comes up with a remote control and manipulating the data just just a finger-push away. The backlit buttons gives up usability during the absence of light source too. 

JVC Home NXPN10 10W iPod iPhone Audio System

By using JVC Home NXPN 10 system, the promise delivered by the company is respected because the system produces what the company has described. It has dual functionality, you can play your music and charge it simultaneously that ensures hour-long play along with superb audio quality. If you want to be actual believer of what has been aforementioned, then test the system with either of your iPhone or iPod. 
It comes up with a remote control unlike other devices and pausing, playing, rewinding, fast forwarding and scrolling your playlist with the remote control is the easiest. Not being limited to this, the docking system will also allow you to enjoy the Internet radio played from your iPhone and iPod. The sound from the Internet radio is played faultlessly and is praiseworthy. 
This system has charging capacity and having the ability to charge two sets, you and your wife can just charge your iPhone or iPod because it perfectly fits in the charging aperture. With this compatibility, there will be hectic placement of wires like in other charging devices. Protecting the charging connector is also possible because it has two separate covers capable of folding down. With strong power of remote control, you can control the system from any corner of your room. The only problem is the tension in losing the remote control because once lost, and then the user will be screwed because without the remote control, you will not be able to set alarm, sleep timer or dim the lights as well.  
The backlight gives up blue illumination that gives up precise lightening effect and can be very useful in dark rooms as well. 

Panasonic SC-HC37 Energy Star Micro 40-Watt Audio System with Auto-Sliding Dock

The low power consumption, auto sliding universal dock for iPod or iPhone, Internet radio tuner, wall mountable and great clarity in sound are the top attraction of this  Panasonic SC-HC37 Energy Star Micro 40W Audio System with Auto-Sliding Dock auto sliding docking station.  With this, you can take the utmost enjoyment from your music library or your CD collection as well as the Internet radio. You can just dock you iPhone or iPod into this auto sliding dock and experience awesome sound environment from its Nano-sized bamboo cone speakers that emits 40 watts of power. 
The sound can just be manipulated because it has passive radiators at the back and the front of the speaker that will enable you to suppress all the unwanted vibrations. The unnecessary distortion is also reduced by the DSP, Digital Signal Processing, because it is made from Pure Direct Sound System. This docking station has the capability to give you the experience of surround sound through its Direct-Vocal Surround. 
This docking station is not just about playing the music files from your music library but it also has the capability to catch the Internet Radio Signal because you can download the tuner app and not just one station, you can listen to thousands of Internet Radio stations ruling the sky wave from around the world and great good sound from the speakers. You can keep it anywhere, even on the wall. Just mount on the wall or have a great table top setting. 
With the power consumption of just 23 watts, this system having the dimension of 7-3/4 inches by 3-1/2 inches for width, height and depth boasts RMS amplifier that gives up the output power stereo of 20 watts per channel. 
Additional features coming with it are clock, sleep timer, daily timer and dimmer. For sound set up, it has 3 surround sound options, many preset equalizer options, bass, treble and dynamic bass. For  radio set up it has automatic station preset, stereo or mono set up, manual station preset,. All of these set up can be controlled through a remote control or the top of the unit. ]
You don’t have to buy any additional hardware to hang it up because this set comes up with hardware for you to hang the unit on the wall. 

Bose SoundDock Series II 30-Pin iPod/iPhone Speaker Dock (Black)

The SoundDock Series II digital music system has all the features that its predecessors have. Standing with sleek design along with additional features, this docking station offers you yet another best experience of music even louder and clearer. 
This system fits anywhere in your room and to experience great music; you can just slip your iPhone or iPod into it and play it loud. If power back is the problem then it is not a great problem because it gets charged at the same time and give you uninterrupted play. You can navigate your iPhone or iPod playlist from the remote control from any corner of your room. For playing additional DVD/ CD player, MP3 player or other portable devices, you can just plug the auxiliary jack into it.