Top 10 iPhone Games May 2013

Dead ahead

Dead ahead

From the shop of Parking Mania comes a game with slightly a lot of interest. It is a good game, that is for endless running fans all around. This is finally a game, which lets an individual to ride on a scooter together with his grenade-launching girlfriend on the back!
The Dead are coming back for folks. It is a time to settle for a ride and drive forever. During this game, smart thinking is the best weapon against the dead.


The Eclipse offers many things, which seem mutually incompatible. The app squeezes the game into a mini screen which requires acres of table. One needs dedication to enjoy this marvel. The rules are complex, and the strategy makes your head hurt . However, if you are up to the challenge, the time and effort, you spend in this game will be rewarded in terms of entertainment.


A game which is based on an epic adventure through the land of magic and monsters. The game is specially designed for folks, who are interested in fantasy, fiction or role-playing games. The best thing is that if it stays true to the book. It is going to be more interesting.

Frozen synapse

This game is a multi-award-winning game. The Frozen synapse keeps the simultaneous term based strategy. In this game, both, you and your enemy’s turns are executed simultaneously competitive but intuitive multiplayer and a huge single player will provide you hours of tactical entertainment.

Sid Meire’s ace patrol

It is a premium game; however, this is available free to start playing. The sky over Europe is a dangerous place . For crushing defeat, you have to take control of dozens of famous fighter planes, and head into the dogfight. One learns new skills to give them an edge in the battle.


The game is based on a new defense formula. It is bloody but simple to play. It may be challenging to master. In this game, each level requires timing and strategy. This is a challenging, addictive and creative game, which is fully suited for a mobile player.

Draw something2

This drawing game is available in both free and paid. This game creates fresh effects with new tools, patterns and colors. It permits you to transform a simple drawing into a masterpiece. You will always get something new, funny and exciting to check. It is more than a game.


The Candymeleon! It is attracted my treats and sweets . This can devour a number of candies and never gets sick of it. In the blast, numerous candies are blown into the sky, and Candymeleon gulps them all before they reach to the ground. The game can change color and acquires super power .

Tasty Tadpoles

It is difficult to find a fault with game-like Tasty Tadpoles. Everything it does, it does excellently. This does not add unnecessary things like mini games. The Tasty Tadpole is a combination of fine art work and simple layout. This game is easy to play and impossible not to entertain.


This game consists of a minimalist design. This game is not timed , so one can enjoy as long as you want to hem. For playing this game, one must possess a chess-master’s mind. It contains only seven levels, and easy to complete within the time. In this game, one has to arrange and clear tiles of matching colors.