Top 10 iPhone Apps May 2013

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is a free application for iPhone and other IOS devices. However, digital photography editing has been the best-suited task for desktop and laptop, but Adobe proved that it could be in mobile devices with Photoshop Express. This is a powerhouse of mobile apps and can handle noise reduction.


Brewster iphone app preview

It is one of the best visually appealing utility managers. You will find images of people you know, tapping into multiple social networks. This application enables on having access to one’s iPhone contacts and Twitter or Facebook to work. It keeps stay connected with people. 


Chrome for an iPhone is nothing but Safari with a new more features and a better interface. This is a must have app for desktop users. Anybody who has fallen in love with “Omnibox,” or search bar, does not want to use anything else.  However, this application has commanded 1.5 percent browser market within its first month. 

Converter Plus

Converter Plus is all-in-one calculation application. This delivers numbers approximately on everything, from a currency convertor to loan-interest figures. It can convert metric to imperial measurements for temperature, length values and cooking volumes and more.  It works as a unit converter with the most extensive list of currencies in the world. 


If one is having one’s files all over the place- your office computer, home desktop, personal laptop, having a synchronizing program is a must. This program enables you shares your video, doc and photos easily from a single place. One can access any file one saves in Drop box from all computers, iPhone and iPad. 


It is a new and free  language-learning web application, which adds value to other people of the world. It has now iPhone app as well. As far as, language learning mobile apps is concerned, the Duolingo web app is the best. The latest technology update makes your next lesson offline. It is better than paid language-learning apps.

Airport  Utility

It is a free Airport Utility manager from Apple, which lets you control your WI-Fi network and Airport base station, which includes AirPort Express, AirPort Extreme and Time capsules directly from your iPhone. This application starts with a pictorial presentation which shows you what’s connected to what and how. Any person can change network and Wi-Fi settings. 


The Gmail iPhone app is preferred due to built-in mail app with better search functions and speed.  This gives Google users another choice to manage their mail. It allows handset users to decide what they wish in an email app.  The application searches email easily and faster than any pre-installed mailing app. 

Google Search

Google Search giant contains many excellent free apps. It is bursting with some pretty intense features. One can search by typing, speaking or by snapping a photo. This allows you to take photos or artwork, logos, landmarks and books to find out more about them. The app helps you save pictures and scan them as well. It provides a lot more than an Internet search. 


Thanks to the strong search abilities and effortless organization of Evernote. The popularity is that this app synchronizes all your files by saving to a cloud service. It means that anything you alter from your iPhone will be waiting for you whenever you login into any version of Evernote. It can be used to write notes and even snap pictures.