Sonic Dash Android - APK Download Link?

sonic dash android

Sonic Dash has been available for the IOS for quite some time now, but now there are rumors spreading about Sonic Dash Android release date. Although Sega did not release an official Sonic Dash for Android Devices, there are several sizes offering APK of the game for Android. As we have not tried it ourselves, We found that many sites offering this APK are leading to very spammy website that have all types of endorsements advertising and not really friendly sites. Make sure also to be careful when watching videos on youtube offering a download links, these usually direct you as well to harmful websites. If you search for a dame that has not been officially released to Android, I recommend searching a site with good trust and most importantly comments about the downloadable APK. Then if you are happy with what you see, download the APK. One more thing to knottiest is that some sites are offering Sonic Dash Wallpaper App, so do not get mistaken. Sonic Dash is a very cool and fun game one of the "endless running" kind where you just keep running go through obstacles and treasures along the way. Sonic is one of Sega's long lasting brand game the came out with the second "Mega Drive" if I am not mistaken.
All and all it is a very fun game to pass the site, We will let you know when the official Android version of the game will come out.