Rumors about iOS 7 futures

Apple’s iOS 7 is the heavily rumored operating system. Which is supposed to release in September but the first look of iOS 7 is releasing on 10th  June in the developer’s meeting of apple, which is named WWDC’13. However, some features are leaked already ,and these are mentioned below:

io7 rumurs

  • There is a new lock screen which is just like yours iOS 6 but some modifications were made in it. Where some options were there, which can be used without unlocking the screen. This feature is already available in android systems, but in apple appearance and options are completely changed.
  • This iOS 7 gives music experience in a whole new way. Music experience in iOS 6 was good in itself, but in iOS7 this experience is far better than its previous version. Where options, appearance and equalizers are modified which gives a new music experience.
  • iOS7 provides the same apps in brand new cleaner looks. All the apps in iCloud have been modified and gives a new look which can work in iOS 7 as well. Thus, you can maintain your experience in iOS 7, because all the apps are almost same and provide a new appearance.
  • There is an interesting feature in which we can see the live preview of the apps. In iOS 6 limits of running apps is 41 but in case of iOS 7 some changes were made in it, now we can use as many apps as we can. 
  • Switching apps are too simple you have just swiped it, and all apps are showing one by one. There is an interesting thing that apps are coming with their preview and running status. For ending any running app you have to just sweep it up and down to remove it from the list.
  • There is a one touch wifi n flight mode activation key present. Where you can activate wifi and put your phone in flight mode by just clicking on their option on the home screen. In this OS, you can know the current running status of the app without opening it.
  • There is a screen toggle facility in which you can use some  options  without unlocking the screen. There is a Notification Center which is hidden behind the home screen. You can see this by swapping home screen up or down. A Mission Control system is also available, which holds the app history, and you can browse through it to know the past activities.

The above features are assumed to be in new ios 7. The features of iOS7 enclose after the developer’s meeting in San Farnsisco, but common youth expected some more features that should be in this iOS. 

  • Apple has a great security system for data safety, but their data should becentralized so that one could transfer data easily and in a mannered form.
  • Safari, Apple’s home browser should be modified to give a new experience.
  • Inter app communication should be better than the last iOS, because lack of system-level inter app communication seems out.
  • iCloud facility should be improved. If we made too many changes in a file, then the problem of time sync operation arises. This problem should be solved in this iOS.

Thus, iOS7 comes with a great experience. The features of this iOS may be revealed on 10th June after the developer’s meeting.