Protect your Facebook account from Hacking - Guide

Facebook HackingToday you're going to learn how to protect your Facebook account from hackers and their cracking attempts which is in big increase nowadays. Why? - Because number of registered FB profiles is getting higher every day due to internet's connection and availability which is expanding every day worldwide and it's almost impossible to imagine there is someone of our friends or acquaintance who doesn't have a Facebook account.
There are all kind of reasons why people decide to hack into someones FB accounts. The most 'popular' reasons are between partners in relationship who suspect in each other's trust so they decide to break into partners profile to see if he/she is flirting with someone else. Other reasons are to steal some valuable information so hackers targets certain wealthy users in which they suspect they can find some valuable private information like account passwords, secret personal information and so. However it's goal of every Facebook account owner to stop any suspicious activity and secure their profile from hackers, so here are the best and most bulletproof ways to protect yourself against online criminals:

1. Make strong complex password which is contained of numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters and some special characters by your choice such as & @ - _ and so. This will stop cracking attacks called "phishing" and hacking applications designed to break Facebook passwords. You can save your account from attacks like these because these tools uses pre-made list of thousands possible passwords and tries to login until correct one is guessed. So just use complex password and you'll be safe from this kind of attack.

2. Use good antivirus software and keep it up to date.

Believe it or not, with good updated antivirus software you have already done 90% security to protect you from hackers. Antivirus tool will block dangerous attacks which can come from phishers, trojans, keyloggers and suspicious websites you tried to visit which can contain various traps on what most people gets tricked.

To find good antivirus tool just do a Google search for top ones, as here we are not going to advertise specific ones.

3. Keep your personal information stored on your FB profile private. If your date of birth, town, address and phone number are public, some hackers can use this info to try to recover your password and use your identity for themselves. Always keep your sensitive information private, on every website.

4. Always be careful when browsing the internet and investigate if you notice something suspicious before taking any action. Regardless of good antivirus software, there can always be some new tricky ways of hacking attempts all around the web, so always use your brain and watch out with you you are sharing your private information. Check out suspicious websites if you're not sure can you trust them. There is danger on every corner!

Just be smart and you will save your Facebook account from hackers and stay secured.