Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour review apk links

Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour

Modern Combat 4 is a very fun online multiplayer game for smartphones such as iphone and android. This game seeks to offers a first person experience similar to what you get in games like Call Of Duty and Battle Field but in a compact version. typically you will get the same graphics as you get on you PC or gaming console but you will definitely get a thrill since this is a very fun game that you can play online with your friend and battle out to see who is the strongest soldier.

you have 2 different classic gaming option, the campaign and the multiplayer.

Modern Combat 4 campaign

The campaign is very well made and takes you to several parts of the world from Barcelona to Antarctica and you definitely get the fighting action you are after with some intense firefights.

Modern Combat 4 Multiplayer

offers few free 8 maps and 8 modes of gaming similar to COD. As any 1st’ person shooter you get point and level ups for kills and achievements, most of the features here are also matching COD.

Modern Combat 4 - Multiplayer Gameplay Online #2 [HD] for iPhone, iPad and iPod

Modern Combat 4 is available for iOS and Android from the App store and Google play.
for those of you who are searching for a jailbreak version of of Modern Combat 4 you can find some versions on App Cake

Modern Combat 4 Android APK

I have managed to find a few site the has links to download the APK but most had no comment on the page which had me suspicious if its a good version. I have found one current version with good feedback in the comments there you can use this link to the video page