iPhone 6 Rumors

One of the most awaited smartphone launches of the year, the iPhone 6 is said to be launched this year in September 2014. Using the same strategy as the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, the new model will be released in two parts as the 4.7 inch model to be released this fall and the 5.5 inch model releasing later in the year and early 2015.

Since the idea of the release of this iPhone was even hinted at, the internet has been buzzing with rumors and speculations about what the new smartphone will bring and add to the Apply family.

Better Screen And Design Specifications

With new improvements with each model, the iPhone 6 will have a much bigger screen than the previous iPhone 5S model. Rumors suggest that not only will the phone have a larger screen size of 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch, it will also have retina + Sharp IGZO display with a 1080p Full HD resolution.

Though more recent rumors suggest that Apple has been experimenting with a tripled pixel display with a resolution of 1704 x 960. While that is not exactly full HD, it will still let the phone keep its 16x9 aspect ratio and give the 4.7 inch model a pixel density of 416 ppi and the 5.5 inch version a density of 355 ppi.

Thanks to the major improvements introduced in the new model like the LED backlight technology, both these new versions will also be much thinner. Seeing the recent mockups on the internet, we can say that the phone will be somewhere between the thickness of the iPhone 5S and the iPod touch (7.6mm – 6.1mm).

While there is not much possibility of the flexible wraparound display that was very hyped when the rumors began, but it may be seen in the 7th or 8th installment of the iPhone. Another theory suggested by iPhone enthusiasts and analysts states that the home screen button may be completely removed and instead a gesture control will be included. Initial rumors also suggested that the phone may have a curved screen for enhanced picture and video viewing, but prototypes suggested that for now it has a flat screen like its predecessors.

An Unbreakable Display

Even though Apple is using the durable Corning Gorilla Glass for its iPhone production, we are always skeptical above keeping the screen safe and not letting it break. The new iPhone 6 may take away these fears as analysts suggest that the phone may use the more advanced sapphire crystal for future displays.

Since Apple has recently joined hands with GT Advanced to increase the production of this product, there is a high chances that we will see the use of sapphire crystal increase from just the camera lens and home button, to the whole screen.

There is however one problem – the production of this type of screen will be very expensive and will considerably increase the rate of the iPhone 6 models. For this reason, Apple may only use it for the high-end models like the 64GB 5.5-inch iPhone 6.

Other Features

The iPhone 6 will apparently have a 20-nanometer A8 chip that will not only be smaller but also more energy efficient than the A7 chip. The A8 chip is supposed to contain both a quad-core 64 bit processor and quad-core graphics but is believed to only have 1GB of RAM, just like the A7 chip.

According to analysts like Peter Misek and Ming-Chi Kuo, there is a high possibility that Apple will also join the bandwagon of smartphones carrying the NFC feature. While many Android phones are already boasting this feature over Apple, this theory is looking very likely since it has been revealed that Apple has paired up with China UnionPay to add its banking service to Passbook.

The camera too will see some changes even if it may still use the 8-megapixel sensors. Analysts also predict that the iPhone may have the 802.11ac Wi-Fi that offers speeds that are three times faster than the previous version.

Whatever the features may be in this new Apple iPhone model, we can be sure that the release will be well worth the wait!