GoPro Hero 4 release date

GoPro has been known as one of the best sports cameras in the world and is a phenomenon in its own right. This camera invades into the extreme world of sports without fear and captures high quality and stable pictures whether in the air, water or earth!

The latest GoPro camera to be launched is the GoPro Hero 4 and its arrival was announced back in October 2013 with the launch of its predecessor. While it is an odd choice for the company to bring out two releases so close to each other, the new model is packed with great features and additional technology.

According to a partially leaked report that was posted on the internet prematurely, many specks and the camera’s launch date have been revealed. The report claims that the GoPro Hero 4 is all set to be launched in the summer of 2014 and should hit the stands soon.

This newest model by the company has been designed in a lightweight and compact design that can withstand almost any terrain and atmosphere you can put it through. Weighing less than a 100 grams, the GoPro Hero 4 also has a special attachment to hook it onto your sports gear easily.

The amazing sports camera has the ability to record fast paced action videos in 4K resolution at a speed of 30 frames per second. It also has an integrated electronic image stabilization system to take clear and faultless pictures and videos. Apart from these great features, you can also easily share the data and connect with other devices over Wi-Fi, USB and HDMI support.

With a release date so near, the fans are waiting for this sports camera to launch and speculations are high that most probably it will be launched and available in stores this June in 2014. The price tag on this camera is around $340 USD, while the previous model available in black and silver is available for around $400 USD.