Fitness Trackers Beware – The Apple Watch Is Coming!

With Apple’s new wearable coming out soon, the use for wristband fitness trackers is going to considerably diminish.

After the watch was launched at the September 9 event, many smart watch competitors like Sony, LG, Motorola and Samsung are rethinking their strategy to sell their products over that of Apple because with the high functionality and customizable options, the device is slated to do very well in the market.

"Over time, the Apple Watch will come with most of the must-have features available in fitness trackers," said Waqas Makhdum who is the VP of Marketing at mobile solutions firm Kii. "Combine that with a rich set of third-party apps, and you can see the dedicated fitness trackers following the same fate as portable GPS devices."

While wristband fitness trackers monitor and keep check of your health and daily life, the Apple wearable will do and a lot more, from letting the user answer calls to checking messages and notifications. Another advantage that the Apple Watch will have is that it has its own Health App and will not have to use a third party app, and this will be a big advantage.

To compete with this advanced technology, fitness trackers and even some other smart watches will really have to up their game.

Apps like RunKeeper are very enthusiastic about Apple's new venture because they fell that it gives them a better way to showcase their product.

"Having a company like Apple proclaim that health and fitness is an important strategic category for their business is both scary and exciting — scary because it means the innovation bar is very high, but exciting because Apple commits to a category only when it is poised to become truly mainstream," said Jason Jacobs, CEO and founder of RunKeeper.

"It will be great for market-leading companies within the health and fitness space, and great for the world when this happens. We are excited to work with Apple and others to help make this a reality, and together, we are getting closer every day," he added.