Budget iPhone 5s Light - Rumors Leaked

Rumors have been floating around about a soon-to-be-released cheaper, plastic version of the iPhone. Photos of the new plastic backs have been leaked and seem to be at least realistic due to their exact correlations with the attachment points of the recently leaked iPhone 5S motherboard. 


Reuters reports that Apple is considering launching iPhones such as these. The new iPhones would cost about $99 and come in about 5-6 colors. (The leaked colors are: green, blue, white, yellow, and a light red that has an almost pinkish look.)

The move towards a line of cheaper iPhones is classified as “under discussion.” That basically means that it may never see the light of day. Apple is known to discuss and change products almost up to release day. A cheaper iPhone would certainly be welcome on the market with analysts predicting it could take 11% of the low-end smartphone market within a year. There are, however, concerns that Apple taking the move towards a cheaper iPhone would simply be following the herd instead of innovating like they usually do. (That’s, of course, a heavily debated classification by iPhone and other platforms devotees.)

A concept designer, Federico Ciccarese, recently digitally rendered concept iPhones based on the leaked shells. (The blue version is not included.)

Ciccarese has estimated that the new iPhones will be about a millimeter thicker than the iPhone 5 at 8.5 millimeters. Budget iPhone Rumors

The round plus and minus volume buttons are also replaced with rectangular volume controls. The renderings are educated guesses as they are fairly similar to the last few iPhones. They should appear around the same time as the iPhone 5S. The 5S is expected to have similar outsides to the iPhone 5 with most of the changes being in the inside, so it seems unlikely that the outsides of a cheaper iPhone will change much compared to the iPhone 5 either.

Another rumor being passed around is that the next generation iPhone, probably named the iPhone 5S, will come in multiple screen sizes. The screen options will be a 4.7-inch screen and a 5.7-inch screen. The iPhone 5S is also projected to have a fingerprint scanner. A fingerprint scanner will increase security, making it harder for thieves to break into devices.

The LED flash in leaked photos of the new iPhone is larger and the logic board has a new layout for new components.


The camera on the new iPhone is estimated to be at least 12 megapixels, so it can reach competition levels. Apple is finally adding a bit of variety to their iPhone line. The different colors and screen sizes will definitely appeal to more people. Companies such as Samsung have been offering many options in their mobile phone lines for quite some time and have gained followings because of it. These predicted moves by Apple will give them a new edge on the market.