Best iPhone 5 bike mount

Best iPhone 5 bike mount
To stay fit, you might prefer to involve yourself in some exercises. Since there are different ways to make oneself fit and fine, biking has also recognized as effect medium to keep oneself fit. But different weather conditions has a challenge to this activity. Especially, during rainy season you do not want to go out because you are afraid if the rain will ruin your gadgets. Well, if this the case that you are preferring to go out for biking and protecting your phone then don’t worry there are many iPhone bike mounts where you can mount it on the handlebars and just chillax. These handlebars are capable of protecting your phone against shakes and rains. 
The Storm Cruiser 
The Joy Factory has brought a good bike iPhone bike mount called ‘The Storm Cruiser’ and can go well with bicycles, All-Terrain Vehicles and motorcycles. Also, it goes on well with golf carts and sport umbrellas. Standard handlebars with the diameter of 1 1/8” inches or less than that are suitable for this Storm Cruiser. 
The rugged construction of the Storm Cuiser is the quality that has made it stand different than other bike mounts. All the cycling enthusiasts can just mount their iPhone with this Storm Cruiser and have the fun of music while cycling because it is light and super strong. 
If you have earlier used other iPhone bike mount and had great problem during rain then this is the solution because this Storm Cruiser will protect your iPhone from dirt, water, oil and other liquid products. Take your iPhone and cycle on rugged roads and trails, no worries. 
At the same time, the construction of the bike mount makes you able to play with all the buttons on your iPhone because the touch screen will have no hurdles. It has sealed earphone and also the charging ports that will make you able to open and close the seal whenever wanted. But what if the phone rings? No worries, you can just detach the iPhone from your mount because the phone is easily detachable. 
Ozaki iCoat IH913A iCarry S Bike Mount & Amplifier for iPhone 4/4S - Mount - Retail Packaging - Black
With this Ozaki iCoat mount, you can just adjust the position of your iPhone easily. In response to your wish, you can simple place your iPhone horizontal and vertical and there will be no problem. 
It also has the functionality to amplify the sound and enjoy the loud music that can be increased up to 10 dB. It has extended arm that allow you to position yourself precisely and whenever you want to reach to your iPhone then it is very easy. Whenever you want to check anything on the phone, you do not need to take out your iPhone from your bike but just simply check from the mount. 
Plugging earphones in your ear while riding a bike is dangerous but if you have this mount on your bike then there will be no problem because you can just simply mount on it and enjoy the power of music. It also has grippers having different sizes that fit to all the assortments of your bike handlebars. These ensure a great biking experience and safety. 
The BioLogic Bike Mount for iPhone 5
The BioLogic Bike Mount for iPhone 5
If you have an experience of having your iPhone mounts earlier then you must try this BioLogic Bike Mount because it has hard plastic case that protects all kinds of scratches and knocks on your iPhone. It also has RidgeSeal case design that protects your phone from grime, sweat and weather. 
Some mount might not give you complete access to the screen but with this, you can enjoy the complete access to the complete screen. Not only the accessibility, it has boasts anti-glare coating that makes the rider to read whatever on the screen without difficulty. Weighing 102 g, it has double pivot lock system that ensures secure closure and enables you to rotate your iPhone in horizontal and vertical mode for selective viewing. 
Remember, the handlebars on your bike must have the diameter of 38 mm or smaller than that. It comes up with hex key, silicone liner, mounting bracket and bike mount case. 
Wahoo bike pack for iPhone
Unlike others, this Wahoo bike pack for iPhone connects you iPhone wirelessly with ANT+ bike sensor to retrieve all of your favorite data on your phone because it encompasses Wahoo Fitness sensor. While cycling, you can obtain information about heart rate, power, speed etc. 
It protects your phone from water and is also shock resistant and with the package; you can get Wahoo Fitness App and maintain your fitness while cycling. This bike pack with credence sensor and speed, you can also take the benefit from extended battery unit and works giftedly. It is very easy to install. 
This case works in all types of bikes including mountain bikes, road bikes, e-bikes and hybrid too. The bike pack comes with microUSB port for connecting with data, universal mounting rail for the mounting and battery. In addition, it has the capacity to receive the data that is at 10 feet distance. It also comes u with Wahoo Fitness rail that has mounted 2.3 AmpHour batter. Any other auxiliary battery can also be used with microUSB plug and is available differently. 
LifeProof Bike & Bar Mount iPhone 5 Case
The LifeProof Bike & Bar Mount for your iPhone 5 frē Case will let you mount your iPhone without any forthcoming danger and at the same time you can also keep your GPS, performance trackers, camera, music, training apps and communication at the front and center and enjoy the fun of using iPhone while riding. 
It has custom shaped locking cradle that means you iPhone is securely locked and while riding, there will be no problem of dropping it down. It has quick release clam which is installed and can be adjusted to fit to different bar sizes. Though this is specially for bikes, you can also use it on your gym equipment, jet skis, motorcycles, grocery carts etc. 
Designed for you LifeProof iPhone 5 Case, this mount can be rotated 360° and this means that you can simply rotate your phone while riding your bike. It also has adjustable ball head for adjusting views. It is also compatible with Bluetooth headsets for better sharing experiences. 
It has indicators that change its colors to let the rider to read the status of locking and for this the rider does not have to stop his bike. It ensures complete accessibility to the screen of the iPhone for doing rounds on music and other kinds of apps.