Apple To Release iPhone’s Twice A Year From 2015

Even though the Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus came out recently in September, the internet has been ripe with rumors about the company’s next smartphone launches.

Until now the company release their iPhones during the third quarter of every year, mostly September, but apparently this is going to change in the coming year.

If reports are to be believed, Apple may be releasing the Apple iPhone 6S with the Apple Watch early in 2015 and also releasing the iPhone 7 in September of the same year.

“The new schedule is expected to stagger the releases of two devices in 2015 to capitalize on sales,” reports The Mail Online. “Apple could release the iPhone 6S to people who want to upgrade to a slightly cheaper model, before announcing its flagship iPhone 7 in the autumn.”

The news comes via Jerry Miller from Stabley Times, but nothing about this has yet been confirmed by Apple.

“Our source says that Apple is hesitant about launching the iWatch in the spring of 2015 without a new iPhone to go along with it,” said Miller. “This could give hesitant consumers an excuse to wait on buying both until the fall.”

There hasn’t been much to back up these claims and it could all just be hearsay, but another rumor going on is that “this is what the next iPhone will be like-saga”.

Since not much is known and we can only speculate at this time, do you think two separate sales periods will be more profitable for Apple?