Apple iPhone 5s Releas Date Rumors

The Rumor concerning Apple iPhone 5S has unfolded worldwide short of a wild hearth. It might be probably in August 2013, beneath the traditional technical development of Apple organization, it launches a new handset each year in June or July. This year, it’s set to launch Apple iPhone 5S. However, this is a prediction by public or analysis personalities living in numerous countries. If some gossips become true, the handset may be based on fingerprint scanner, NFC, Full HD, totally different colors and a lot more.

When we refer Smartphones, a few months of year 2013 move to proverbial goalposts. The Apple iPhone is chocked with new features like Full HD screen , aluminium or glass unibodies and hopefully other possible Smartphone options under the sun.

Apple iPhone 5s Releas Date Rumors

There are many questions arising within the heads of the general public associated with iPhone 5S. The primary and extremely general question is, what Apple goes to try next? When it is about the future Smartphone, we expect Apple A6X chip, that is currently engaged in the latest iPad. However, It is rumored that Apple is designing for A7 chip for the forthcoming iPad five.

If we go over the past, Apple has been using Samsung to produce a processor for its latest Smartphones range. Even so, due to some legal tussle between the two world-class organizations, many researchers say that Apple plans to keep it away from this Korean company. Some predictions state that it has joined hands with Intel for the next journey of the iPhone.

However, the Apple displays a schedule for latest Smartphones generally keeping the same design for two runs, for example, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. If Apple follows the same, the upcoming model should be iPhone 5S as an update to the existing model for iPhone 5. Rumor is that it may be based on completely new design , features and technology.

Some researchers say that the rumor about iPhone 5S is a complete mess. If one trusts every single piece of information spread among people than a new iPhone handset would be available in the market every month until September 2013. Law of prediction says that the handset may be available in the market by October 2013; however, Apple may launch it in November to prove everyone wrong.

Anyway, here is what I have collected. In the last few days, some internal paper from Japanese network KDDI leaked. This clears that the company may start taking orders in June, before the iPhone 5S is released in early July. Along with it, the paper contains a very important information that the handset would possess a 13-mega pixel main camera.

However, very first time, a June release date was rumored by researchers and the public. It sounded plausible, until the delay in release and even crucial information from Apple. It seemed that the handset would be out later. This all started rumors, that Apple iPhone 5S would launch in September together with a cheaper, plastic iPhone.

The business insider recently disclosed that the new iPhone will enter production in June 2013. In the words of iMore, we should wait until August 2013 to see the Apple iPhone 5S.