3 waterproof iPhone 5 cases for different budget

When we are talking about technology it should be clear that they don’t mix with water, especially phones. However there are people with completely different characters, some of them are more adventurous, who wants to take their phones with them everywhere, as well as in the water. While other of us just wants to protect their phones for spills and accidents, they already have created waterproof cases for iPhone 5 smartphones. Isn’t it amazing? They have invented these waterproof cases that will keep the water and moisture out of your iPhone. Now you will be able to do some swimming and to wear your phone with you, instead of sitting on the chair and waiting for an important call, because you can’t miss it. By using a waterproof case that is over! Most iPhone 5 cases are made of polyurethane and have a clear acrylic panel that covers your phone’s display.
If you are wandering what type of iPhone waterproof case to choose, here are the Top3 of them.

LifeProof frē iPhone 5 Case (on sale $71.73)

lifeproof iphone 5 case

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gives you an opportunity to go everywhere and do everything with your iPhone 5. Sleek design, modest weight, amazing sound, easily portable, allowing you to take with you anywhere your iPhone 5 - what more could you require from a case. The thinnest, lightest Life Proof case ever created, it appears the most powerful and functional. And thanks to the recognizable rear window revealing the iconic logo of Apple, you can add the as "most beautiful" to the list. This case will protect your device from water, dirt, snow and shock - but also gives you a lot more. The thinnest and lightest case, providing full protection ever created. Sound Enhancement System Life Proof, has a crystal clear optics for the camera with optimal use of every feature of your iPhone. An additional plus is fine windows on the rear panel, designed to showcase the breathtaking design of Apple.

Catalyst Escape Capsule Waterproof iPhone 5 Case (69.99)

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Hoping to take your iPhone in the water next time you go on vacation? Looking for the perfect waterproof case for your most precious item? This waterproof case is flawless for defending your iPhone 5 for any nature’s elements (water, rainfall, snowfall, sand and mud). Even with the case on the touch screen is still completely purposeful and responsive and every button can be accessed. And don’t worry about sound or images either, the case has been designed with exceptional sound dock, so videos and photographs can be taken as well as telephone calls.

Case Marine for iPhone 5

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Case Marine is made of ultra thin, twice layered thermoplastic polyurethane. It is dragged over your iPhone5 and closed to be water and airtight on the back side with a dignifiedly premium adhesive strip. The side seam runs on the inside of your skin making it unseen. Case Marine is a 100% waterproof and dustproof smartphone case that gives an opportunity to maintain your phones functionality whilst protecting it from water and dust. Case Marine is definitely a fully water repellent product. Case Marine diving (max. 10 meters) can be took deep and while swimming without problems. Obviously using on pool edges and in bathtub is not a problem and it works.