10 super fun multiplayer games for iPhone ios

We have rounded up 10 very fun iPhone multiplayer games to play with your friends online.

  • Hay Day

One of the most popular iPhone games, Hay Day is addictive and fun. This game is all about building and successfully running a farm by completing various tasks like harvesting crops, building sugar mills, running a dairy farm and many others tasks that keep you glued to the game. At the farmer’s market, you can trade with your friends and other players.


  • Candy Crush Sega

Candy crush is one of the best multiplayer games for iPhone today. Simply swap candies and match three or more candies to complete a level with various obstacles. Candy crush surpassed angry birds as the most played game. Download and start crushing candies to play through more than 150 levels.


  • Real Racing 3

This game had redefined the racing games in hand held devices. The user interface and the controls are easy to use. This game must be played to understand and experience the magic this game has to offer compared to other racing games. the game offers very cool multiplayer.

  • Jurassic Park™ Builder

Do you love the movie Jurassic Park? Now you have the chance to create your Jurassic park. You just found dinosaurs DNA packed in amber. Your job is to create eggs from the DNA with the help of your friends and grow different species of dinosaurs and place them in your park. Nurturing and feeding your dinosaurs with various foods depending on their diets. Manage your park and let the public visit your park to see your beautiful creations.

  • Sonic Dash

A fast, confusing and challenging game for iPhone users, here, you have to run, dash, jump and spin to make your way through different obstacle in a 3D environment. Play as sonic the hedgehog in this running game and complete different challenging level. 


  • Real Soccer 2013

Prove yourself to be the best player on the field in this very realistic and immersive soccer game. Start as a rookie team in this game and make your way to the top improving your player’s ability and skills. Make your team stronger and efficient by hiring new players, making your facilities better and hiring better staffs. Strengthen your team and win your way through to become top league team and play against best teams in the world championships. 

  • World at Arms

Evil group composed of highly trained mercenaries called KRA are attacking the US.  Build your base and train an army to make a stand against them and fight for a free world. Ally with other players from different parts around the world and fight for victory against KRA.


  • Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus

 Modern Combat 2 Black Pegasus

Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus by gameloft is by far the best they have created till now. As you play the game, you gain experience points for every enemy taken down and helps you level up, you also unlock new weapons to use during the game. You can play 10 players at one game and that gives u maximum advantage during the game. This multiplayer game is awesome and the single mode game play is simply another piece of cake for you.
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  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard

The rainbow unit a team of highly trained soldiers is the only hope to prevent a terrorist organization from upsetting the world balance. 11 levels of thrilling and dangerous missions to complete and defeat a well organized terrorist group. The rainbow colors never run out in this game.

  • Mike V: Skateboard Party HD Lite

This is the only skateboarding game available in HD for iPhone. This is the best skateboarding to hit the market till now. Create your avatar and customize your shoes, boards and clothes. In multiplayer mode, you can play with your friends to complete levels and gain achievements. Upgrade your skaters with more experience points gained. Play this game and experience the best that gameloft has to offer.