10 super cool iPhone cases


  1. Snapper iPhone Case

    Magnetic Tape iPhone Case

If you are an avid lover of photography then this camera iPhone case will surely make you drool. It will protect your phone and give it a cool look as well. Get this and make other jealous with the cool look it gives to your phone.

  1. Magnetic Tape iPhone Case

Listening to music now on iPods and all the mp3 players available in the market was not the trend back when were kids. The trusted tapes were the answer for all music lovers. If you miss the tape, then get this audio tape themed iPhone case to protect your phone.

  1. Taylor Swift iPhone Case

Taylor Swift fans will go gaga over this Taylor Swift red case. If you are a fan then go and get this case to protect your phone graced by your favorite artist.

  1. Chocoholic iPhone Case

This case is designed to look like a chocolate and to protect your phone. If u have a sweet tooth or are a chocoholic then this case will make you crave for more. Get one today to give your phone that chocolaty look but be sure not to eat it.

  1. Tic-Tac iPhone Case

If you love those small fresh hard mint and can’t get enough of it then this case designed as a tic-tac pack is for you. Get the feeling of having those mints on your hand every time u get or make a call. This case is enough to make all tic-tac lovers look at your phone with envy.

  1. Vending Machines iPhone Case

Vending machines are a good source for us to get a quick snack or a drink. We find it almost everywhere and are easy to use and are very useful a quick snack. Now get your own vending machine in the form of this iPhone case. It looks real and ready to use.

  1. Gameboy iPhone Case

Who can forget all those nights spent playing game boy or the tantrums thrown by kids to buy this bad boy. Get this game boy themed phone case and relive those days when reaching and crossing game levels were the only goal.

  1. Pepper Spray Canister iPhone Case

This particular case can prove to be a very useful self defense tool especially for ladies. This case has a small pepper spray canister attached on the back. When in a situation where you feel threatened, this case can prove to be useful to save your life. It protects the phone and the owner of the phone as well.


  1. Handcrafted iPhone Case

Handcrafted and crafted to perfection this wooden case is a work of art. It is made from the finest wood and has been designed to fit snugly to your phone. This gives your phone that natural woody look that other plastic and silicon cases made to look like wood cannot.

  1. Opener iPhone Case

This is one of my favorite cases for my iPhone. Beer lovers and drinkers around the world will surely love to have this case. You don’t have to worry about carrying an opener when going for picnics or look for one in your kitchen. Just grab a beer and use your phone case to open it and enjoy.