10 Ridiculous Funny iPhone Cases

Everything that your carry, defines you and what you select, you select that suits your image. If you are a happy-go-lucky person and wishes others to be happy same like you, then it is for sure that you portray yourself as funny. If this is the case and you are an owner of iPhone then why not try some funny cases? This will help you define yourself in the crowd of phone lovers who are also the lovers of beauty.

  1. The Gunfighter

It is said that both angel and devil lives inside an individual’s brain but it is a must to know how to subdue the devilish character that you posses. If this character revolves you and surrounds you then it is a wise idea to search for external things to use it and kill the devilish character. For this, you can purchase this ‘The Gunfyter’ themed iPhone case and act becoming devilish. You can just tease your friends and families and create a funny environment.

  1. The Handshake

If producing illusions is your game then this is the choice. You can just wrap your iPhone with this case themed under ‘The Handshake’ and create an illusion among the people sitting around you. People around you will be a victim of fun and gets confused whether you are talking or shaking hand with your friend or boyfriend, girlfriend whatsoever.

  1. Drinking Glass

Are you a beeroholic? If yes, then this case definitely becomes equivalent to your image and feel the chill out of it. With this case, you will always be with your favorite drink.

  1. Knuckles

Self protection is the most important aspect of the current generation but this does not mean that you have to carry a real gun in your pocket and point on someone from whom you are in danger. You can just cover you iPhone and make fool out of those people who are in pursuit of damaging you.

  1. Flip-flop

Flip-flop might be comfortable footwear to you but have you ever thought how comfortable will be the flip flop style hand cover? If no, just give a try with purchasing the case that function just like flip-flop on your finger. It will simply go with your hand and become handy, easy to hold in your finger and hand.

  1. Power Point

This is not the Microsoft PowerPoint but the point from where the power if transformed into potential energy. This case covers your back and corners of you iPhone with super flexibility with its plastic shell.

  1. Denim Jeans

You might have a good collection of jeans pants, shirts and other apparel but how about something that would cover your phone. This iPhone cover will complement your collection of jeans and additionally, it will protect your iPhone.

  1. Ear Silicon

This Ear Silicon iPhone cover will virtually magnifies your ear thus, creating an illusion to all the individuals surrounding you. With this, you can make your surrounding funny, funnier or the funniest.

  1. Walkie-Talkie

Here, we are not talking about software like Talkbit but here with are talking about transforming the look of your iPhone and make it look like a walkie-talkie. Living in this generation, you might have missed using real walkie talkie. With this cover, you will not only fulfill your wish but also have fun at the same time.

  1. Terminator

    funny crazy iphone case

Astala Bista Baby’ is the phrase signature for the James Cameroon movie ‘Terminator’ and history has it that the movie received great audience. Well, if you are among the crowd of the audience who did not go to Cinema Theater and have enjoyed it on your TV, you might want to have the merchandise of the movie. For this, this case is your answer.